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Our Process

‣ Build a growth machine by leveraging other people’s audiences to keep your sales pipeline full. 

‣ Go where your ideal prospects already are.

‣ Collaborating with other people who have already built an audience of your ideal customers is one of the fastest ways to grow your business.  

Partnering with other businesses can help you:

  • Build authority
  • Gain exposure
  • Stand out from the competition
  • Build referral traffic 

How Our Process Works

  1. We get clear on you value proposition and identify what you do better than anyone else
  2. Research and build a list of companies, influencers, and communities that serve your ideal prospects
  3. Create personalized pitches to each company and influencer. No templates here!
  4. Pitch and build partnerships to promote your business in front of other people’s audiences
  5. Create and publish BOTF content to convert traffic into sales.


Your Superpower.

What do you do better than anyone else?

We want to have a clear message about what it is your company does. This doesn’t mean we need to rewrite all the copy on your website. We just need a pitch that makes it clear to potential partners what you do and how you’re different. 

Leveraging Partnerships & Influencers

The best way to get exposure is to use other people’s audiences. There are 100’s of people out there who have already built up an audience of your ideal customers.

Our goal is to build partnerships that will drive referral traffic and leads.

Now, we all know that businesses aren’t just going to plug us just because we ask. A good pitch is key. We’ll craft pitches that are win-win and make saying yes a no-brainer.

Yeah, I’ll pass, thanks.

Much more likely to get a response! From there, a campaign that is mutually beneficial can be built.

The Collaborations

Ok, that all sounds great. But what kind of collaborations can we actually do that will get us in front of your dream clients.

A few of our favorites:

  • Podcasts
  • Workshops and live teachings (zoom, FB live)
  • Guest emails
  • Virtual summits
  • Guest posts

Building Conversion Focused Assets

The goal of the partnerships is to drive new leads for your business. Some of these leads are going to be ready to get started. They heard what you had to say and it resonated with them. They’re ready to get started. Great.

But most of your new prospects are going to do some research. They’re going to read over your site and maybe even check out your competitors. We can push these prospects further down the pipeline by having some conversion-focused content on the site that reaffirms the message you’ve already delivered and addresses concerns they may have.

The goal here is to:

  • Demonstrate expertise
  • Have a process that your prospects can buy in to
  • Get them to take the next step

Our Experience

We practice what we preach. We run a portfolio of successful sites using SEO and content marketing as the main traffic source. We’ll get you results using the exact systems we use to grow our own sites.


Nick Biggs is a SaaS content marketer who helps (primarily B2B) companies develop marketing strategies and build inbound lead generation channels. His work has been featured in some of the top business and marketing publications like Forbes,, and HubSpot.

Nick Biggs



Chris Panteli has been a business operator since 2009 when he launched and grew a local business in the UK. An outreach ninja, Chris has been featured on some of the biggest sites on the planet, including the New York Times, Forbes, MSN, U.S.News, Yahoo,, Finder, GoBankingRates, and The Sun.

Chris Panteli


Ready To Build A Growth Marketing Campaign?

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  • We’ll work together to nail your value proposition
  • We’ll build a list of 100 ideal partners to reach out
  • We’ll hand craft each pitch
  • We’ll show you exactly what content you need to produce to convert the new traffic

You get a fully built campaign, ready to launch.

Price: $500

Want us to run it?

  • We’ll build it and run it
  • We’ll set up partnerships and generate new leads
  • We guarantee leads or you don’t pay
  • We’ll produce the content and track conversions

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